It has always been a great issue for both men and women that they are very touchy about their hair. Since from the earliest ages, women used different ways to minimize the loss of their hair and keep them healthy and strong. Use of eggs, yogurt, milk bath and many other methods were so common […]

Having a double chin is a very common problem that makes a person look unattractive. The fat is caused by loosening of platysma muscle and by the deposit of fat in this area. Platysma muscle helps you to move you jaw in upward and downward motion. There are some exercises that help in toning up […]

Who doesn’t love good old-fashioned home-made pie? For all those pie enthusiasts out there, it is no secret that the defining element of a pie that can make or break it is, of course, the crust.  Rolling out the perfect pie crust starts with the perfect homemade pie crust recipe. The right recipe can leave […]

Steak lovers around the world will agree that if it’s a great steak, it doesn’t need a sauce, or maybe at the very most just some steak spice and maybe a little A1 sauce. But there are times when the experience can be brought up a notch or two with the addition of a sumptuous, quick […]

To roll or not too roll, that is the question. There is no doubt that oats are an extremely popular and versatile food source. They can grow in harsher conditions than other crops and contain many vital nutrients and vitamins and harbour a whole host of health benefits. The health benefits that you can expect […]

If anyone is baffled about silicone bakeware, there are three points to research: the history, the reasons to buy (hype) and things to watch out for (truth). Silicone? I’m pretty sure there are some silicone bakeware in my own kitchen. However, it never occurred to me to research this new trend in cooking. *History French […]

Oolong tea can cause a person’s serum uric acid to increase causing health problems. Foods, people eat, can either raise or lower uric acid. Doctors use a test to measure serum uric acid to determine whether a person’s uric acid is too high or too low or just right. Caffeine increases uric acid. Purines Purines […]

Yes, restaurants should indeed be required to list calories and grams of fat on their menus. Unfortunately, in today’s world the goal for almost all businesses now is to make as much money as possible while spending as little as possible with absolutely no regard for the ultimate results for their customers. That’s not to […]

Red Leicester is an English cheese that is made in a similar manner to cheddar although it is slightly crumblier, thus it is a cheese that makes a nice addition to virtually any salad when grated.             The wonderful image of Leicester’s favourite dairy product is unmistakable. Melting beautifully and adding colour to any […]

In the middle of summer, few beer styles can beat the raw refreshing power of a crisp, clean lager. Whether sitting around the campfire, hanging out on the patio, or having finished mowing the lawn, lager is most people’s go-to beer. Given how refreshing lager can be, it’s no wonder the style dominates the world’s […]

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